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Alien Slime Bio
Name: Jel
Appearance: Small, transluscent, and jiggly body. Similar to Flubber but without the small appendages. Think Petroleum Jelly, but a lot goopier
Size: Has no definite size but is small enough to fit inside of a jar of jelly
Color: Usually clear
Attitude: Curious
Eats: Nothing
Abilities: Flatten, swim, squeeze through incredibly small cracks or opening, sticky body, liquefy, jumping, and possession.
Introducing, Jel. Jel is an alien slime creature from an distant planet. What planet is Jel from? Why is Jel on Earth? Why does Jel do what it does? No one knows. As a matter of fact, even Jel doesn't know where it came from or why it's on earth. All Jel knows is that it woke up on a planet called Earth with no knowledge as to what it is or what it is supposed to do. And those unknown answers are what fuels Jel's main personality. Curiosity. Being
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Disclaimer: This story will be taking and altering scenes from the live action Scooby- Doo movie. If you have not seen the movie and are not familiar, you will be a bit confused on events. Nonetheless, enjoy.

First Scene: The monsters of the island have invaded the resort area and begun capturing the tourists. One of these tourists was the investigative and nerdy Velma, who was put to sleep by one of the monsters and taken away to the monster's secret cave.

When Velma awoke she was on some kind of alter with her arms restrained to the armrests. She could look around but not behind her and in front of her was a some kind of glowing cauldron. Behind the cauldron was a large pit with a green glow. She tried to see if she could struggle out of her wrist straps but to no avail.

Velma: Um... Hello? Weird monsters? I'm not sure if you guys are real or not but I'd appreciate it if you would let me go. Or you could at least let me talk to someone. Anyone?

Velma was about to call out more but she went silent as soon as she her the sounds of some kind of machine nearby. She looked up and saw a large mechanical arm of some kind moving closer to her. 

Velma: U-u-umm, just what might that be? Could someone please stop the machine so we could have a proper talk.

Unfortunately for Velma the machine simply continued to get closer and closer with no signs of stopping. It was heading towards her chest and was only a few inches away.

Velma: W-wait please! I-I'm sure we could negotiate something before you do whatever this is. We could discuss some kind of agreement. Please just wait one mome- *GAAAASSSP*

Velma was cut off as the claw of the machine phased into her chest with a bright light beaming out. She saw the machine enter her and slowly pull something out before she lost consciousness. As her head drooped down lifelessly the machine was now holding some sort of spirit like head that like just like Velma. The spirit, with Velma's voice, then began to speak.

Velma's Spirit: What is going on? Is... Is that me? Is that my Body!? Why am I out of my body!? What have you all done to me!?

As Velma's spirit continued to shout and yell the claw machine simply eased her into the cauldron that was in front of her where all the other spirits of the tourists were.

Once the machine the machine was done with it's task retracted itself back to it's original position. As the cave went silent a rustling was heard from with the glowing pit. What then emerged from the pit was one of the monsters from the previous night. The monster looked around and saw Velma's body still on the alter. It walked over to her lifeless body, lifted her head up by her chin opened her mouth. The monster then gestured it's hands towards her face as the monsters hand began to vaporize into Velma's mouth. As it's arm continued to enter her mouth the monster inserted its other arm in with it's head following. While more and more of the monster disappeared into Velma's mouth, her body began to twitch as her head cocked back allowing for a better entry. As the last of the the monsters body spiraled down her throat her body let out one more spasm before she gulped it down, with her mouth closing and her body going limp once more. Velma then rose her head and opened her eyes, revealing that they were a glowing green, and gave a devious smile. The monster let out a deep voices chuckle, showing that Velma's body now belonged to that monster. Then wrist restraints on the alter released and monster began to examine it's newly acquired host. It first felt it's smoother facial feature and slowly went lower and lower. From caressing her breasts, to feeling her hips, and ending with a pat on her lacking posterior.

Monster/Velma: Hmmm. This body is rather attractive, but it could use some... improvements. Especially down here.

Monster/Velma placed her hands on her butt and closed it's eyes to focus. After a few seconds of focus, and some jelly sounds, Velma's petite backside was now a plump booty. The monster was pleased with the new adjustment as Velma began groping and grabbing her added thickness with vigor. But it then suddenly stopped. The monster felt that it's new body could use a little something...extra. She grabbed her crotch and waited a few seconds. A sudden bulge then began to grow and extend from underneath her skirt. The bulge then began too peek from under the skirt to reveal that Velma had grow a new penis. She then began to stroke and caress her new organ.  After feeling satisfied with the fondling, Monster/Velma made her way to the nearest exit of the cave while putting her glasses in between her boobs.

Monster/Velma: Now to find more victims. 

Second Scene: After the the first night of the monster's hunt, Mary Jane is helping to search for the remaining kidnapped Mystery gang members. While searching she comes across her friend Bethena who was kidnapped before. Mary Jane runs up to her, not knowing that one of the monsters is in her body, and hugs her. But before she can question her friend, Bethena breathes the same green knock breath as the monsters into her face knocking her unconscious. Monster/Bethena then carries Mary Jane back to the monster's cave.

When Mary Jane awakes she is strapped to the alter just like Velma was and she yells out for help. But just like Velma, the mechanical arm mercilessly plunges itself into her chest removing her spirit with her body going limp. Another monster climbed out of the pit and walked over to Mary Jane's lifeless body. The monster then lifts her head and begins to vaporize itself and enter her mouth head first. As the rest of it's body follows behind, Mary's head and throat perk up and sway to the movements of the monster's entrance. Once the last half of the monster starts to flow in, her hands and fingers begin twitching and spasming. And with one final loud gulp, the monster flows down Mary Jane's throat and passed her lips, with her body convulsing afterwards. Once she calmed down she raised her head and showed off her glowing eyes, signaling that she had been taken over. Once she was released from the restraints, the monster immediately began to grope his new from and get a good idea of just how the female body worked. 

Monster/Mary: This body is very nice. Nice breasts and butt. But what if we add something a little different?

Monster/Mary then placed her hands near her crotch while the monster began to focus. After a moment of silence, the monster removed it's hands from her lower area and watched as a bulge began to grow within Mary Jane's pants. The monster then started groping it's breast as it felt itself grow hard from in her jeans. Never before had it felt the sensations or pleasures of a human body before. From the sensitively and softness of it's new boobs to the stern and phallic surges of a penis. Even breathing in air from her body felt different. The monster was now able to felt the weight of it's new assets as well as human flesh. After a bit more fondling, the monster remembered that it had a goal and proceeded to the exit in search of Shaggy and Scooby.

Final Scene: Here Daphne has already been kidnapped and she is bond to the alter just like Velma and Mary Jane. Daphne is nervously looks around as she tries to break from her restraints when the mechanical arm begins closing in on her. 

Daphne: Hey! I don't know what that thing is but you better keep it way from me o-or else!

The arm continues it's course without stopping. Daphne's confidence instantly dwindles.

Daphne: U-um, hold on. Wait! Just a second!

Arm is only a few inches away and fear is spread all across Daphne's face.

Daphne: No n-no wait! Hold it PLEASE! No no no no NO NO NO NOOOOOO!!!

The machine enters Daphne's chest and pulls out her spirit just like her friends. As her body goes limp, Daphne's spirit is throwing a fit as the mechanical arm drops her into the cauldron with the others. Another monster climbed it's way out of pit and crept towards Daphne's body. The Monster lifted her head up by her chin and began to slowly evaporate it's arm down throat with her body starting to twitch. Next the creatures head and arms where vaporizing into her mouth and the more it went in the more her body was swaying and lurching. Next the lower half of it's body was flowing into her causing her head to cock back and forth and her body to tingle. As the last of the monster funneled down her throat, one last loud echoing GULP escaped her mouth right before it closed and the monster was in. Daphne looked forward with an evil stare as her wrist restraints released her and she looked down disappointed at her tits.

Monster/Daphne: This will not do. These require some modifications.

Daphne placed her hands upon her tits, and after a pausing to focus, released her breasts as she watched them grow past double what they were until they were bigger than her head. In a deep voiced snicker the monster fondled and felt up her new boobs and could feel just how soft they were. The monster then thought of an idea. Daphne then placed her hand near her vagina and began to focus. After a few seconds of silence she pulled her hand away as brand new cock started growing from under her dress. As the head of her new genitals sprang out from started to seductively rub and stoke her dick as it became harder and harder. The monster inside her almost got carried away before it remembered that it had a mission to continue. She then took a moment to wait for her cock to relax before heading to the exit.

Monster/Daphne: Much better! This much more fitting. Now off to capture more of these fools.

-If you've seen the movie then you know where this goes from here-
I'm new to writing Female Possession stories. If any one wants to have a specific story requested then just send me a note I'll see if I can get to it. If you want me to say the story is a request then I'll do it. So feel free.


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