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It was early in the morning at a small beach in Florida. The sun had just barely risen and there was barely anyone in or near the water. It was a good time to get an early setup and find a nice spot for anyone who didn't want to deal with the mid day hassle and the crowd. And one of the beach goers to take advantage of this moment was the actress Jessica Alba. She was wearing a strapless bikini consisting of a orange bra that wrapped around her breasts orange panties that fit just right on her butt. Jessica was spending some time on vacation and wanted to find a place to relax before the best spots were taken. After finding a place near by the board walk and close to the ocean she laid down a towel, opened up a chair and sat down while checking her phone. Meanwhile, two more beach goers were just arriving and they just so happened to be the famous singer Nicki Minaj and actress Salma Hayek. After closing their car door and grabbing there things they began making there search for a comfortable spot. Salma was wearing a string bikini which consisted of a dark blue bra that held up her round breasts and dark blue panties that were riding up a bit. Finally Nicki was wearing a two piece bikini consisting of a pink bra that cupped her boobs together and pink panties that were stretched across her plump rump.

Salma: Aaaah. It feels nice to take a break and visit the beach for some relaxation.  
Nicki: Yeah girl! And we could've chosen a better time either. There's barely anyone hear which is perfect for claimin a spot before anyone else does.
Salma: That's right. Now where do you think is a good spot?
Nicki: Hhmmm. I guess where the sun will be beaming but also near some shade.
Salma: Yeah I'd say maybe over... Hold on. You seeing who I'm seeing?
Nicki: Who?
Salma: Right over there. *points towards Jessica lying in her chair*
Nicki: Ooooohhh~ If it ain't Jessica Alba herself.
Salma: Hmm. You thinking what I'm thinking?
Nicki: Yeah. It's been a few days since that last time we tried em out. How's about we dust them off.
Salma: With pleasure~

The two look around for a few seconds to see who else is around. There's a few random people close to them and Jessica. They check around for a bit more until Nicki points to the boardwalk nearby. They both nod their heads and walk over to Jessica who is still checking her phone. Salma taps Jessica on the shoulder and when she turns around with a surprised look on her face.

Jessica: Oh WOW! I wasn't expecting to see you two here.
Nicki: Neither were we girl! 
Jessica: What are y'all doing here. 
Salma: We came here to have a little R&R at the beach but it looks like all three of us had the same idea of getting here early before anyone else.
Jessica: Seems like it.
Nicki: Hey since you're here we want you to come with us.
Jessica: Come with you where?
Salma: Over there under the boardwalk. There's a secret we wanna show you to keep between us three. 
Jessica: Oh, um, sure. If you two trust me enough for it then I'll see what it is.
Nicki and Salma: Perfect~

Jessica put down her phone and got out of her chair to follow Nicki and Salma. Nicki and Salma put their arms around Jessica's waist as they lead her over to boardwalk. As they were walking they both looked at the jade ring on each others hand and winked at each other. The rings on their hands were no ordinary jewlery. About a month ago when Nicki and Salma were haning out together, they came across an old antique shop. After browsing through the items for a bit, they came across two jade rings that caught their eye. The asked the shop owner how much they were. He told them that those rings called Spirit Rings and that they gave the wearer the ability to switch between and human and a spirit at will. Both of them thought that was ridiculous, but they still thought the rings were gorgeous. The owner told them the price and they considered it affordable. They then bought the rings and left the store, ignoring the whole story about the ability to change into a spirit.

But after a few hours Nicki began to think to herself "What if we could change into a spirit?" She then began to humor the thought of changing form when all of a sudden her body became see through and her legs formed into a spectral tail. She had become a spirit. With Salma seeing it with her own eyes she thought about becoming a spirit herself, and after that she had become one as well. Excited about their new ability the two began phasing through walls, flying around, and eventually possession. They now had the power to take over another living creatures body as their own. The next few weeks after consisted of the two mostly doing harmless things such as taking over someone and seeing how it felt. But other times the two would get a bit naughty and use other peoples bodies for self pleasure or benefit. The rest is history after that and the two are now leading the unsuspecting Jessica under the beach boardwalk, away from any prying eyes. The sun was still just coming up so everything under the boardwalk was covered by its shadow. Once the two thought the coast was clear Nicki got behind Jessica.

Jessica: So what's this secret you two wanted to show me?
Salma: Well... you're about to find out.
Nicki: Heh...

Just as Jessica was about to ask again she was forcibly pushed into the sand on her hands. As she tried to stand up Nicki quickly ponuced onto her back and put her into an arm hold, pinning Jessica to the ground.

Jessica: Hey! What the heck are you two doing!?
Nicki: Well this is a part of secret.
Jessica: What!? What are you talking about!?
Salma: Instead of explaining how this is going to work, you just lay there while I get ready.
Jessica: WAIT! What are you doing!?

While Jessica continued to yell, Salma closed her eyes and focused as her body shifted to spirit form. Once her transformation was finished she floated close behind Jessica, who was still pinned down by Nicki, and place her hands onto Jessica's buttcheeks.

Jessica: H-Hey! What are you doing back there!?
Salma: Just keep quiet already. I'm just gonna get nice and personal with this tight ass of yours.
Jessica: Y-you're WHAT!?

Salma then spread Jessica's cheeks and plunged headfirst into her ass, phasing through her bikini bottoms.


Jessica let out a shriek in shock, but was quickly silenced by Nicki who covering her mouth, leaving her to only let out muffled shouts. Salma's shoulders and arms had already pushed into Jessica and her boobs were quickly squishing in right after. Salma's torso was next to squeeze in and Jessica's shouts for help were still completely muffled by Nicki's hands. As Salma's lower half was slowly wiggling in, Jessica began frantically kicking her legs in an attempt to shake Nicki off of her. But unfortunately for her the struggling only aided Salma in her entry as her hips and ghostly tail rapidly funneled into Jessica's ass with Jessica's muffled screams bouncing from under the boardwalk.



Once Salma's entrance was complete Jessica's body began twitching. Nicki took her hands from off Jessica's mouth and removed her arm lock. Nicki then stood up and watched Jessica squirm.

Jessica: W-w-what's happening to me? W-what did you just do?
Nicki: Just wait and see.

Jessica then started to stand up wobbly as if she was fighting her own body movements. Jessica's face went from fear to shock as her breasts began to grow larger along with her butt. Before she could question what was happening, she started to grope her new boobs and caress her body.

Jessica: W-w-w-what going on? I c-can't control my body. 
Nicki: It's a lot easier if you don't struggle Jessie~ Just let what happens, happen. Hey Salma, can you hear me in there?
Salma: Loud and clear Nicki.
Jessica: W-WHAT!? You're inside me and controlling my body right now!?
Salma: That's right Jessica. Hope you don't mind the little redesign I gave you. It's a bit tight in here so I had to make a little room.
Jessica: I do mind! Get out of my body!!
Salma: Sorry Jessie, but you're not in a position to tell me what to do. Speaking of position...

Salma started to move Jessica's body again. She turned Jessica around so that her back was to Nicki and bent over. Nicki then walked up behind her and pulled her bikini bottoms down, exposing Jessica's bare ass.

Jessica: No. N-n-no no no! Please not again!
Nicki: Sssssshhhhh~ Just relax. I'll make this quick for you.
Jessica: Hold On!
Nicki: You mind giving me a hand here Salma?
Salma: I'd be my pleasure~ *Jessica spreads her own cheeks*
Jessica: WAIT!

Nicki was done with words. She flew back a bit and suddenly shot like a missile, arms first, up Jessica's defenseless asshole. Jessica screamed in pain as Nicki's entire upper half dove up her butt, tits and all. Nicki almost made it in on one go, but her wide hips and plump rump failed to go in so easily. Nicki began squirming and flailing her lower half around like a frantic snake.

Nicki: Like I said. If you just relax this would be over a lot quicker. I'm just a little stuck.
Salma: Let me help you out there.

Salma took one of Jessica's hands and began pushing Nicki's booty into Jessica's. Nicki's hips were straining to squeeze into Jessica's rear and she was sure how much more she could take. But after a bit more pushing and squirming, Jessica let out one more shriek as Nicki's ass managed to pop into Jessica's with her ghostly tail snaking it's way in between her cheeks.



Jessica then flopped to onto the sand as her eyes rolled back and her body began to twitch and spasm. She could hear Both Nicki and Salma's voices in her head.

Nicki: Wow! You weren't kidding when you said it was tight in here.
Jessica: What is going on right now!? Why can you control my body!? 
Salma: Well Jessica, this was our secret.
Jessica: Y-your secret!? What do you mean?
Nicki: You see Jessica, me and Salma gained the ability to become spirits with these rings of ours.
Salma: So as spirits we have the ability to possess another person's body. In this case you.
Nicki: Ever since we got these rings we've LOVED the possessing other peoples bodies. 
Salma: It's SOOO much fun seeing what it's like in someone else's skin.
Jessica: You two are sick! What you're doing is wrong!
Salma: Aawww don't be like that Jessie. Look on the bright side. After we've completely taken you over we'll give your body some "additions" that no one could resist.
Nicki: Hey you don't need to worry about keeping this a secret though. Cause we'll be keeping it secret for you.
Salma: Sleep tight Jessie...

Jessica's eyes rolled back into place and her body stopped spasming. She stood up and looked down at her breasts with a smirk.

Salma: What do you say we give ourselves a little more room?
Nicki: Hell yeah.

They closed her eyes as her boobs started to grow as well as her hips and ass. When they opened them, Jessica's boobs and ass were now triple the size they were before. Jessica's original panties were now like a thong as the rode up her ass and her top was stretching to it's limit just not to break form the strain. Salma and Nicki were now caressing and fondling there newly developed assets and were certainly enjoying it.

Nicki: Now that's more like it! There's plenty of room to move in now. So what do we do now?
Salma: Well a few more people are starting to show up. I say we flaunt a little around the beach and then come back to enjoy some sun. We may be here for some R&R but that doesn't mean we can't tease a few of the locals first.
Nicki: Couldn't agree more. Let's these folks the new us.

Jessica then started walking over to a guy nearby Jessica's original spot. They were gonna enjoy this~

Beach Side Spirit Possession (Request)
This was another old request that took longer than it should have to get to. This was a request from "thatvore" . Enjoy
I'm new to writing Female Possession stories. If any one wants to have a specific story requested then just send me a note I'll see if I can get to it. If you want me to say the story is a request then I'll do it. So feel free.


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